Our projects

Our first collaborative project was to co-create an abstract, titled “The Mindful Researcher: Transforming Academia from Within“, that led to a presentation at the Contemplative Research Conference (CRC) hosted by Mind & Life in November 2020.

We have been applying participatory methods, collaborative decision-making and co-design practices within our group, as well as for various emergent initiatives. Among these are a collaborative symposium at the APA Convention 2021, a “skill-building track” at ESRI 2021, online presentations and workshops, as well as developing and piloting new meeting formats with our community (e.g. “Mindful Presentations” and “Mindful Co-creation”).

We also hosted a workshop and presented a poster at ESRI 2023, in anticipation of the relaunch of our initiative after a year-long pause.

Going forward, we intend to focus also on catalyzing and supporting co-creative projects within our community. In order to reconvene the Mindful Researchers community and initiate this co-creation process, we have hosted two “kick-off” meetings and five “visioning” workshops in October-December 2023. This process will be continued in 2024 with a collaborative poll, followed by an invitation to form several working groups in order to co-design and implement solutions that respond to the community’s most urgent needs.

Thus we hope to foster a vibrant ecosystem of community-driven practices, initiatives and collaborations that may also cross-pollinate and mutually enrich each other as well as adjacent fields.

Stay tuned for updates!